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Welcome to the ESNA Players website!

Founded in 1965, the ESNA Players have a long history of performing both traditional and modern musicals.
With a dedicated, enthusiastic team of performers and crew, we continue to wow our audiences with the professionalism of all our shows.

Our next show is 9 To 5

Tuesday 13th November 2018 - Saturday 17th November 2018

Chess rehearsals are underway

Rehearsals are underway for Chess in April. Get your tickets while you can

JCS is cast

After a night of amazing auditions, ESNA is thrilled to announce the incredibly talented cast for Jesus Christ Superstar. Book your tickets now or risk missing out!

A new, yet old look

I've got hold of a few banners of old to rotate at the top of the page just to see how they look. I've also used a few graphics from the current esna.co, such as the dark red wood.

Favourite Tweets by @ESNAPlayers

I shalt now be only counting to three from November 15-19 - contact me for tickets! #BrotherMaynard @ESNAPlayers #Spamalot

We're having a theatre family outing tonight to see #JesusChristSuperstar by the @ESNAPlayers at @LboroTownHall #breakAleg for later guys X